Things to customize in Pup

While Pup is more-or-less turnkey, there are a few details that you'll want to customize before going live. Before deploying your Pup-based application into production, review and complete this checklist:

  • Change productName in /settings-development.json.
  • Set your MAIL_URL in /settings-development.json, settings-staging.json, and settings-production.json to enable email service.
  • If using OAuth logins, set your clientId, secret and loginStyle for each service that you'd like to use and set enabled to true. Learn more here.
  • Update name field in /package.json to be the name of your application.
  • Review dependencies in /package.json and .meteor/packages to ensure any unused packages have been removed.
  • Review and update the "Terms of Service" (/private/pages/terms.md) and "Privacy Policy" (/private/pages/privacy.md) pages.
  • Delete the "Example Page" (/private/pages/example-page.md) and its page component's directory at /imports/ui/pages/ExamplePage.
  • Update the "Logout" page branding in /imports/ui/pages/Logout and update your twitterUsername and facebookUsername in /settings-development.json.
  • Update your mailingAddress in /settings-development.json.
  • Update your supportEmail name and email address in /settings-development.json.
  • Update your copyrightStartYear in /settings-development.json.