The following are questions that we receive frequently in relation to how we've built Pup, where it's headed, and why it exists. If you have a question for us that's not answered here, feel free to get in touch: pup@cleverbeagle.com.

Why does Pup use React and not "X" framework?

We've chosen React for Pup for a few reasons. First and foremost, it's currently the most popular front-end framework on the web. Not only is it popular by word-of-mouth, but also by developer interest and labor (it has by far the largest number of developers contributing to it). Additionally, React is built and used in production by one of the largest websites on the web, Facebook.

React has a dedicated team of engineers working to both build and promote its usage. Finally, we chose React because we know it best. As Pup is used as the centerpiece for our mentorship services, it makes sense to commit to one framework; partially because it makes good business sense and partially because we want to avoid confusing or leading our mentorship customers astray.

Ultimately, there will always be yet-another-framework that someone thinks is better than the current darling. We're not here to argue about it, just to help people build software. Right now, in our opinion, React is the best choice for building interfaces. Period (NSFW).

A newer version of Meteor/a package is out than is used in Pup, will you upgrade?

Eventually, yes, unless it breaks something and we can't patch for it. Our goal with Pup is to focus on stability over chasing the latest version of "x," even Meteor itself. In most cases, upgrades only offer limited or fringe changes that you're welcome to move to if you wish (but aren't immediate priorities for our work with Pup).

In situations where a significant feature exists (e.g., server-side rendering support in Meteor 1.5.1) a delay between versions is guaranteed while we figure out how to best implement those features—if at all—into Pup.

What should I deploy my app with?

There are a ton of different options out there for deploying your app, each with their own trade-offs. For beginners, we highly recommend deploying with the Meteor Galaxy hosting service as it greatly simplifies the process. Other developers have had success using Heroku along with the Horse buildpack, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, or using the Meteor Up command line tool to deploy to any VPS host.