The BasicsTest Users

In Pup, there are a total of six users created for you via the @cleverbeagle/seeder package in /imports/startup/server/fixtures.js.

One user is created as an admin role and the other five are created as the user role. Once you have Pup up and running, locally (and in staging) you can login to these accounts at http://localhost:3000/login with the following credentials:

Email Address Password
admin@admin.com password
user+1@test.com password
user+2@test.com password
user+3@test.com password
user+4@test.com password
user+5@test.com password

If you'd like to add additional accounts or modify the ones listed above, you can make changes to the seeder definitions in /imports/startup/server/fixtures.js, login to each account manually and modify their credentials, or sign up new users manually via the http://localhost:3000/signup route.

Additionally, you can use an app like Robomongo (supports Mac, Windows, Linux) to modify your database directly.