Upgrading Pup

While we try to keep Pup fairly stable in respect to changes, from time to time, it may be worth pulling down changes from Pup into your project's master branch. Keep in mind: this has the potential to cause absolute chaos if you've heavily modified Pup. Think quicksand. You can get out if you don't panic, but it's tricky.

If you're throwing care to the wind and are ready to upgrade, we recommend adding the main Pup repository on Git as an upstream remote and then pulling changes from there into your master. The last step on the right is where things may get a bit wonky.

If you see a big ol' CONFLICT message in your terminal after running git pull upstream master, don't panic. This means that some of the code in your master branch is different from some of the code in Pup's master branch. This is where the quicksand comes in. We recommend reading this guide on dealing with merge conflicts to dig yourself out.

git checkout master
git remote add upstream https://github.com/cleverbeagle/pup
git pull upstream master