Settings & Configuration.gitignore

The .gitignore file at the root of the project is used to describe which content in the application should be ignored by Git. In other words, when you commit your work, what should Git ignore tracking?

In Pup, we ignore a few different directories and files:


The directory containing the code for the NPM packages installed in your app. This should not be committed to the repo due to its size. Instead, the package.json file at the root of the project describes what NPM packages are installed in your app.

When you move to a new computer or work with another developer, they can run meteor npm install and have all of the dependencies listed in that file installed for them automatically.


These three files contain the environment-specific settings for your application. Typically, these files contain sensitive information that should be kept safe and secure. Here, we assume that the demo, staging, and production environments contain data we do not want to commit to the repo. Learn more about this here.


This directory contains configuration data for the Visual Studio Code application which is the text editor recommended by Clever Beagle.


This is a file generated by the MacOS operating system that contains meta information about the current folder where it's located.