The perfect foundation for your product

Pup helps you to stay focused on your product’s core features, not the “have to’s” and the “need to’s” that keep you from shipping.

  • Accounts
  • Routing
  • CRUD Examples
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Admin
Pup login page

A full accounts UI

Pup ships with both password and OAuth accounts fully implemented on the front and back-end so you can start working with users immediately.

  • Zero-config password-based accounts
  • Just add client ID and secret key for OAuth accounts
  • Email verification workflow
  • GDPR Includes UI for verifying user consent
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Pup rotues using React Router
Out-of-the-box Security

Public, authenticated, and authorized routing

Pup comes with a full set of example routes, including two helper components for creating routes that require a logged-in user or users of a specific role.

  • Routing via React Router v4+
  • Example CRUD routes
  • Full set of routes for managing accounts
  • Auto-redirect after login for authenticated routes
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Pup documents page
Helpful examples

An example CRUD feature to guide your own work

Pup includes a fully-functional documents feature that gives you a simple pattern for your own CRUD-style features.

  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete Documents
  • Server-side rendering example
  • SEO metadata example
  • GDPR Works with account deletion
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Pup server-side rendering example
SEO Friendly

Google friendly server-side rendering

Pup ships with server-side rendering (SSR) fully wired and ready to go to make your pages visible to search engines.

  • Create, Read, Update, and Delete Documents
  • Server-side rendering example
  • SEO metadata example
  • GDPR Works with account deletion
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Pup user admin and user settings modal
Easy Management

A fully-featured user admin panel with settings

Manage your users and app-wide settings via an easy-to-use and extendable admin panel.

  • Full control of users
  • Change user roles
  • Change user profile data
  • GDPR Delete user accounts
  • Add app-wide settings to all users
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  • GDPR User settings

    Users can customize their experience via settings that you define in your admin panel.

  • GDPR Data export

    Export user data with a handy example module for exporting user data as a .zip archive.

  • GDPR Account deletion

    Allow users to delete their accounts and data without jumping through hoops.

  • User profiles

    Once they're logged in, all users have a profile page to manage their info in your product.

  • Fixture data and seeding

    Create test data on app startup with a built-in seeder and skip time filling out forms.

  • MongoDB indexing

    Boost MongoDB performance with Pup's built-in module for creating collection indexes.

  • SEO Component

    A reusable SEO metadata component is included for setting meta tags on your content.

  • Static pages

    Pup includes static pages support with examples for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • Date/time helpers

    Includes a helper module for common date formatting and manipulation patterns.

Pup Example Email
Engage & Connect

Send email just like the pros with transactional email templates

  • 👋 Welcome Email Template

    Send a welcome email to all users who verify their email address after signup.

  • 🤔 Reset Password Template

    Send users having trouble with their password a reset link via email.

  • 🎨 Build Your Own Templates

    Build your own custom templates with ease using Pup’s built-in transactional email system.

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