Getting Started

To get started with Pup, clone a copy to your local machine using Git.

Once the project has downloaded, cd into the directory and run meteor npm install. This will install all of Pup's NPM dependencies for you. Make sure to do this before starting the server or you will get errors when you boot up.

Notice that here, we default to using meteor npm install as opposed to npm install. This is because meteor npm install uses the version of NPM bundled with Meteor instead of your own computer's global copy of NPM which ensures that any packages with binary dependencies (e.g., bcrypt) are built properly. If you receive any errors in your terminal when you start up Pup related to meteor npm install, make sure to follow the suggested commands to ensure dependencies are properly installed.

Don't have Meteor installed?

Meteor is required in order for Pup to run. To get it, head over to this link and follow the instructions for your operating system.

git clone https://github.com/cleverbeagle/pup <my-project-name>
cd <my-project-name> && meteor npm install

Setting your own origin remote

When you clone Pup, your remote origin will still be set to Pup's repository on GitHub. To correct this, it's best to remove Pup as the origin remote and specify your own repo's URL. If you'd still like to be able to upgrade Pup easily via Git after setting your own remote as origin, take a look at this.

git remote set-url origin <your-git-repo-url>

Running Pup

Once you've cloned a copy of Pup and have installed all of its dependencies, you're ready to start up the server. Included in Pup's /package.json file is a script for starting your server with Pup's settings-development.json file in tow.

Once the server is up and running, click around! It's best to get familiar with all of the different pages in Pup first so you know what you'll need to customize (if anything) later.

If you're all clicked out, it's wise to dig into "The Basics" and start reviewing how Pup's code is structured and features are implemented.

Read The Basics

meteor npm start