ExtrasStatic Pages

As a convenience, Pup includes functionality for defining static pages whose content is written in Markdown. More specifically, Pup includes two static pages by default for displaying your product's "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy."

Static pages are made up of three pieces: the Markdown content for the page (stored relative to the page component file in content.js), the page component that renders the page, and the route that renders the page component. In order to add a new static page, you will need to add all three of these.

Because Pup is server side rendered by default, these pages will be served to search engines as static HTML without any additional configuration.

import React from 'react';
import Page from '../Page';
import content from './content';

const ExamplePage = () => (
  <div className="ExamplePage">
    <Page title="My Example Page" subtitle="A subtitle for my example page." content={content} />

export default ExamplePage;